FirstLight Analytics Launch

Today, I’m thrilled and honored to announce the launch of FirstLight Analytics. FirstLight offers analytics and business intelligence consulting along with custom software development services.

The Why – Challenges and Solutions

Business people face decisions every day: where to invest capital, which products to stock, how to better engage customers, and when to hire and when to hold off. To make better decisions, you need better information. That’s where we come in.

For example…

Business Challenge #1: You need answers!

You are frustrated by the lack of information coming from your business’s information systems. You know that the information is in there (or at least it’s on paper), but you just can’t get it all in one place.

Solution: Answers. Delivered.

If the data is being collected into a system, we can extract and deliver the data in the way most effective for you, whether on paper or on your mobile device (why not both?) This information could also be presented in a real-time display to your employees so that everyone on the team is using the same numbers.

If the data is not yet in a system, we can help you select or build a system appropriate to capture the information in the most cost-effective way.

Business Challenge #2: You have some answers, but you have more questions!

You have the basic information about your business (sales, costs, etc.) but you suspect the data contains deeper answers to your business questions. There are patterns in the data in the forms of correlations, trends, and segments, but simple month-over-month figures only tell a part of the story.

Solution: Statistical Data Analysis (aka Data Science).

We pull information from all sources. Give us your databases, your websites, your flat files, even your file cabinets. We will work with you to form a hypothesis about your data and use statistical analysis to confirm or refute that hypothesis. After the data is brought together, you can ask bigger and better questions, and we can help you answer those too.

I.T. Challenge (Bonus): Your business wants a plan, and you need some advice.

Your business customers have charged you with advancing their analytics program and providing better self-service reporting to everyone. There are so many combinations of solutions and vendors, and it’s hard to know what lies ahead with each choice. How do you make the most progress with the least investment and put together an overall program that delivers value to the business?

Solution: Insights and Proven Solutions.

We have been tackling data-driven challenges for 13 years and have seen many approaches that do and do not work. While there are numerous technologies available, what is really needed is a deep understanding of your customer – the business. The most commonly overlooked ingredient is people. Technical and business experts must be brought together through communication and collaboration, and we can help facilitate that. Please contact us for a free consultation today.

The Information Supply Chain

Information is a critical part of your business supply chain. It is a key input and indispensable asset. Without it, processes break down, mistakes are made, and fleeting opportunities are lost. Let us help you get the right information into the right hands at the right time so you can make data-driven decisions.

A Personal Note

To all who have reached with emails, message, and calls – thank you for your support and encouragement! I am constantly amazed by the generosity of you and the support network of this community. Please let me know if I can ever help you.

Brent Lightsey
April 18, 2017
Oklahoma City, OK